457 to pr 2016. How to convert your 457 to permanent residency?

Do you want to convert your 457 to pr?

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457 to PR eligibility check

457 to PR eligibility check

If you want to miss your chance to become a PR, keep reading.
Does it apply to you:

  • You are a holder of a 457 Australian working visa, and you’d like to convert your 457 to pr.
  • You’ve been living in Australia and working on a 457 visa for quite a while.
  • You found this country to be a great place to spend the rest of your life as a permanent resident.

If that’s the case you got to the right place – give us a call to 07 3668 0658 and we’ll take care of your case, or you may read further if you’d like to know more about how to convert your 457 to pr. I’ll let you know what are your options, and then you’ll decide whether you’d like to sort it out by yourself or let us do all the hard work for you. Are you wondering if there are any 457 to PR new rules 2016? Not really it’s all the same over the last couple of years, although there might be some minor changes for some PR visa requirements (changes in CSOL list, different English requirements than earlier – it all depends on your particular situation).

Options to get pr while on 457 visa

You might be positively surprised, that there are few different options to convert 457 to Permanent residency.

  • Through Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS/RSMS)
  • Through Skilled Migration (GSM visas – 189, 190, 489), and
  • As the Partner of an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident

ENS / RSMS as a way to convert 457 to pr

Workers-Inveresk-blacksmith-Launceston-1920-457-to-PRThe one which is the most popular and being pursuit by the vast majority of people who wants to live in Australia as a Permanent Resident is an ENS / RSMS visa. It seems to be quite natural that after 2 years working on a 457 visa people do apply for ENS or RSMS visa.


  1. your employer fulfilled all the obligations as a sponsor over last 2 years,
  2. you’ve been working on your nominated position
  3. you have scored an IELTS test on 6 (or less for transition stream)
  4. there is no adverse information about you or your family members in police records
  5. you are ready to pay about $7000 for your visa application to the Department of Immigration (could be way more if you have a partner and children)

usually, there is not much to be worried about, 457 to PR visa application seems to be straightforward.

It happens that people on a 457 visa lose their job for various reasons. When economy slows down this could be a real concern, but once you are granted with Permanent Residency visa then you are not so reliant on your current employer to remain in Australia, although he’s expectation is for you to stay with him/her if will sponsor you for PR visa.

ENS / RSMS process

ENS and RSMS visa process is quite similar to 457, but a bit more detailed. The main difference is that RSMS applies only for employers from regional Australia (Regional Australia is defined in the migration regulations – there is a list of postcodes which are being considered as a Regional Australia). No matter if you are converting your 457 to PR under ENS or RSMS program you still need a nomination from your employer for ENS / RSMS visa. Your employer will need to provide financial information and company details as part of this process. They will also have to comply with training benchmark criteria in order to be able to nominate you. What does it mean? They would have spent either:

  1. at least 1% of payroll on training Australian employees, or
  2. donate 2% of payroll to an Industry Training Fund.

If they can’t provide with the proof they did it, well that could be the end of a story, and they will not be able to assist you to convert your 457 to Permanent Residency. It’s always tricky bit and it is best to ask Migration Agent for Assistance if in doubt.

457 Transition Stream.

You must work for a particular employer for 2 years on a subclass 457 visa in Australia. Skills assessment is not required English language requirements are lower. Medical and character checks are still required. Be aware that if you’ll change your employer 2 years period starts again.

Direct Entry Stream.

You don’t even have to have a 457 to be eligible for this stream. Under Direct Entry Stream you need to obtain a skills assessment from a certifying body and have a minimum of 3 years work experience relevant to your occupation gained anywhere in the world. You must get your English tested on a particular level (IELTS 6), get your medical and character checks done. You don’t have to wait 2 years on a 457 to go through this stream. Some people are unable to get through Skill Assessment or are struggling to pass IELTS 6, therefore 2 years on 457 Visa is their “option of choice”

It’s really up to you which is the best option for you. You wanna wait 2 years, or can you apply earlier?

Skilled Migration as a way to convert 457 to pr

(457-to-pr-partner-migrationGSM visas – 189, 190, 489) is another possibility to convert your 457 to PR you may consider. You don’t need an employer to get this visa. It’s points tested application. You’ll get points for your age, level of education, English ability, years worked, etc. But first of all your profession must be in demand in Australia and be listed on SOL or CSOL list. If you’re there, that’s half way through. The odds are that your skills have to be assessed by a certified body and you are not applying for a visa straight away, but for EOI (Expression of Interest), then Department of Immigration will/may invite you to apply for a visa. Essentially you have to score at least 60pts for Expression of Interest lodgement. DIAC then chooses the one’s with the best skills, in their opinion, and highest scores and invites them to apply for a visa. Getting State Nomination is the way to speed up processing times and improve your application if you lack the points.

Partner Migration as a way to convert 457 to pr

Partner Visa is always an option, no matter what, even if your visa has expired. If you, a noble 457 visa holder, would have found your Australian love and your relationship is genuine and on-going, you might be able to convert your 457 to Permanent residency on that basis. You don’t even have to be married! De facto and same-sex relationships which last 12months or longer might also be eligible to apply for a partner visa (sometimes less than 12 months could be sufficient). Partner visa is usually granted for 3 years. After about 2 year’s Department of Immigration will invite you to apply for permanent residence.

That would be it in a nutshell if you are a 457 visa holder and are thinking about converting your 457 to PR. If you need more info – feel free to browse our site as we have here more detailed information, give us a call to 07 3668 0658 or even easier – book a consultation online for discounted price, so we’ll do the hard work for you and advise what option would be the best in your particular situation.

457 to PR eligibility check

457 to pr 2017. How to convert your 457 to permanent residency.
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